Nuclear energy – Yes or No?

nuclear power stations (C) by alfredo-9 / sxc.huThe events in Japan have shocked the world. And we are posed with the question, do we human beings still want to invest and trust in nuclear technology? It may reduce the CO² production but if there is a lack of safety, the detriment is unimaginable as we can see in Japan and as history taught us in Chernobyl.

Before the incident in Fukushima we already had a big debate in Germany about the extension of the elapse time of nuclear power stations. Yes or No? The government voted Yes! And the population in several federal states where new elections have been last week voted No! They voted for new governments in the federal states with the hope that there will be a change in the nuclear politics in Germany. But they also query whether it’s useful to close all nuclear stations in Germany when our neighbours are still investing in this technology, and rightly so!

It’s an essential question. How should we behave with this dangerous technology designed by human beings? A nuclear catastrophy in Europe would involve millions of people especially in densely populated areas. Do we want to run that risk?

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