Back-up plan

With the symbolic politics being the rule in Europe, one starts wondering what the possible scenario’s could be for muslims  in the (near) future. For example, here in the Netherlands the number of highly educated non natives that move back to their  ‘country of origin’ has in fact risen. Although the low skilled workers make up the majority that return, there is a worrying trend seen amongst highly skilled people.  This is because they feel unappreciated and refuse to stay any longer. A brain drain amongst immigrants in Europe.

Sultan Ahmet Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey

A good example in the Netherlands is that of the Turks. Due to the growth in Turkish economy a significant number of Dutch Turks have returned to Turkey. In a documentary of the Dutch public television, several Turks gave their reason for deciding to leave the Netherlands. Not surprisingly the main reasons were that they felt unappreciated and they were sick of being portrayed as the culprit in mainstream media.

This brain drain used to occur (possibly still is) in the underdeveloped countries. Logically, these highly educated people could receive much higher saleries in the developed countries. So, why bother staying? As the reversed situation is occuring in Europe, I cannot help but wonder that this is due to Europe’s attitude towards non-natives. The birth rate is still dropping, the greying of society is reaching peak levels and there is a lack of highly educated staff. While the people they have educated no longer feel like serving the country that makes them feel unwelcome. In the meantime they have to get people from abroad to come in and fill in the positions because the current number of highly educated people is insufficient. It cannot be surprising knowing that this is mainly done if not all from non-Muslim countries. Hmm, I wonder why?

I wouldn’t want to call myself highly educated, but when I am thinking of the situation in the Netherlands, where not surprisingly symbolic politics have taken over. Abusing science against the ritual slaughtering used by Muslims and Jews, the constant irrelevant debate on the headscarf. (Is it really so hard to understand that women want to do this voluntarily because they feel that it aids in their piety?)

I have come to the conclusion that I need a back-up plan. Worst case scenario and I will be heading to Malaysia. I don’t want to say that it is heaven on Earth, but at least I can practice my religion freely and openly. No discussions and no debates whatsoever. I can eat whatever I want knowing its halal, the society is multi cultural and multi religious, where the Buddhist and Hindu celebrations are also public holidays. And where the economy is also experiencing a growth unlike the European economies. Its a beautiful place to live and where I would love to raise my children. What better place is there where they can be taught that multiculturalism is equal to synergy. There is respect and I think equality as well. Otherwise Turkey or even Morocco make for great alternatives as well.

I’m prepared, are you?

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One Response to Back-up plan

  1. Gayatri says:

    malika, salam sister!

    i spent a whole weekend at a conference discussing amongst others this european brain drain issue! good point! but please reconsider malaysia as your second home (that´s their national programme for ex/pats) as the state may be islamic…. /their affirmative action policies surely aren´t!

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