Germany’s future is green

It’s now nearly 6 months ago when everyone talked about the catastrophe in Fukushima. Today it seems to be almost out of our minds. Even though it already has been the second incident of its kind. In Japan they are still fighting to get the damaged reactors under control. First Tschernobyl and now recently Fukushima. Both of them had and still have disastrous consequences for their close environment and its people.

As we live in a fast-paced world, even such immense catastrophies get forgotten in a short period of time. Nevertheless this specific happening did influence the domestic policy in Germany. It’s been just a few weeks before Fukushima when chancellor Angela Merkel and the parliament decided to extend the elapse time of most of the nuclear reactors in the country. A decision obviously made in favour to the economy. However the event in Japan revived the debate about nuclear energy in Germany.

Today it’s clear. Germany will get out of the nuclear energy business step by step. The future is green. Renewable energy is the key. Chancellor Angela Merkel announced to raise the share of renewable power generation from 17% now to 80% by 2050.

The population shares and supports the idea of getting green. However we should not forget the muslim community. In Norderstedt, a city near by Hamburg, the first-ever “green” mosque of the world, equipped with wind turbines in its minarets to generate electricity, is being planned. The architect Selcuk Unyilmaz thought of providing “this important symbolic element of religious architecture” with a new function. The 22-meter high minarets will have fins which are able to generate electricity out of wind. That way they can generate about 30% of the mosque’s energy needs. The national newspaper Die Zeit mentioned that on windy days it would be not inconceivable that the eco-mosque could – insh’Allah – produce more electricity than it requires for its own purposes.

The muslim community in Germany is showing that environment and its protection is not only a matter of the state but even a greater responsibility of the muslims. As muslims we should give an example and protect the environment which we’re in charge of.

And let’s not forget – we have to give account of our deeds on Yaum-al-Qiyamah.

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