Tunisia After Revolution

Once off the plane, the pilot announces a humid 42°c temperature. Summer is hot in Tunis.
My first steps on the motherland soil and already a wet breeze lightly caressed my cheek as a welcome.
Other passengers trudge off the place, all smiling, rushing to smell the unique and exotics scents. Jasmin, spices and orange blossom.
This fragrance is new, singular in the year 2011.
To be clear, a new wind of freedom is blowing in Tunisia, a wind that everyone seems to feel in the air.
But do the winds of freedom blow in the right direction?
Political events have left the stadiums and the streets empty. Tunisian dramas of the revolution were gradually filled. And the lively and animated debates have become major players.
Many challenges are emerging today in Tunisia: writing a new constitution, establishing a democratic set up and reviving an economy. Tunisia is definitely undergoing a (r)evolution and nothing seems to stop it.
Closer to the land we hear The Word had been spread: October 23rd is the date for election of the Constituent Assembly. An Assembly that will be responsible for drafting a new constitution for the country. This is the First “democratic” election date for Tunisians since more than thirty years.
Yet, while the rush of change begins to quicken the winds, Tunisians are aware democracy is a long process that requires patience. It is also because of a renowned mantra, “we are not born Democrats, we become”, that every Tunisian here tries to give the best of him/herself to rebuild the country.
Known in history to have passed over its land to many civilizations, Tunisia is now a whole, one. The one that triggered the “Arab spring” and inspires in the heart of our people the desire to fight out again silence, injustice and dictatorship.
A new page is written. Let us, Tunisian citizens, write it with a the breezes of freedom and free hand.

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