Documentary: Just the Face

Just the Face tells the story of five women and their experiences during the first year of the face veil ban across France.

The film will show first hand how these women are coping with this law, and what happens when they can’t. Will they fight or subvert the law, will they withdraw into their homes or simply find ways to adapt?

‘Star of the Niqab’ Kenza Drider is a high profile activist and media critic of the ban; Nelly Moussaid is a Karate World Champion; Karima is a talented fashion designer running a successful company; Laurence is an ex-punk, and Fatima is a housewife and mother. Their stories will give us an insight into the daily lives of people who are directly affected by the ban.

Through interviews with international academics, activists and political commentators, the film will explore this controversial issue and questions around civil liberties and state control.

What is it like to suddenly find yourself outside the law? As ordinary women caught between the law and their religious beliefs, what does it mean to take a stand in an extraordinary situation? What kind of subterfuge, sacrifice and danger can it involve?

As the women themselves are not the only ones affected by the changes we will also follow the reactions of their colleagues, friends and family.

Why does it matter?

We passionately believe this is a much-needed documentary that will show the human side of this highly politicised issue. It may be a French situation but we think it is of universal concern and we want to provide a more complete and informed picture.

If you care about this issue please help us to make this film. Time is of the essence and we need your support!

About Us

At the heart of Veto Films are director Yacine Helali and producer Steve Lee. Together, we look for stories with a real time human concern and impact. We want to represent what’s happening now by crafting a balanced cross-section of an issue, allowing you to make up your own mind. We believe in using film to generate dialogue and discussion in support of a healthier society.

Along side Yacine and Steve, energetic supporter and collaborator Mike J Hadfield brings a different perspective, fresh eyes and a helping hand.

What We Need & What You Get

We need $30,000 to continue to capture the lives of our five central characters throughout the first year of the ban. Even if we don’t reach our fundraising target, we will still use everything that we have raised in the pursuit of this film.

Other Ways You Can Help

Money is not the only way to contribute, your time and skills are just as valuable.

Help spread the word of this campaign on your networks, use your influence, write about us and the issue, let people know you care and what you think.

If you have any skills you would like to add, especially as researchers or academics with a specific interest, please get in touch.

We also need people to help with our online campaign strategy (Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, blog writing, graphic design) so if you care, get in touch and get involved.

Think about this issue, get people talking, and be part of this film with us!

More information on this page.

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