As Europeans, we are convinced that maintaining a delicate balance between constructive feedback and Islamic tradition is possible. That’s why by giving talented and pro-active Muslims a platform to express, we believe that more people will understand Muslims and their beliefand values. We Are Here.EU gives an insight on the daily lives of European Muslims.

Project Description & Objectives

We want to use the power of internet by creating a space where different kind of European Muslims can exchange their views. Muslim writers from all across Europe sharing their experiences and knowledge on various topics. The visitors have the ability to interact with them. This way we want to stimulate and inspire other to be part of aconstructive dialogue.

There is a lack of comprehension between different European communities. We want to close the gap towards Muslims. A reason for the current situation we believe is the lack of information about the actual thoughts and feelings of Muslims. We give a different perspective on Muslims through the personal stories of the writers.

We want to show a different view as being portrayed by the media and other outlets. We Are Here gives a fair response to the mainstream media.

This website will is a unique concept worldwide and our aim is to develop this website to the central online forum where all kinds of people interested in Muslims and/or Muslim issues can read and discuss the articles, videos, podcasts and blogs these young Muslim minds will post regularly. The website will become the window into the European Muslim community, showing its diversity.

A network of awaken people will be developed who work for the benefit of humanity. We believe that we all have a shared purpose to contribute to a sustainable world where we will learn and exchange from each other. We give you the chance to have a look in the brain of a Muslim, full of struggles and success stories. So, keep an eye on us :-)

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