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Germany’s future is green

Norderstedt mosque in Germany
06.07 -

It’s now nearly about 6 months ago when everyone talked about the catastrophe Fukushima. Today it seems to be almost out of our minds. Even though it already has been the second incident of its kind. In Japan they are still fighting to get the damaged reactors under control. First Tschernobyl and now recently Fukushima. Both of them had and still have disastrous consequences for their close environment and its people.

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Nuclear energy – Yes or No?

nuclear power stations (C) by alfredo-9 /
04.04 -

The events in Japan have shocked the world. And we are posed with the question, do we human beings still want to invest and trust in nuclear technology?

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Inversing the traditional European dress code

dress (C) by Cristiano Betta / flickr
22.11 -

There have been intense and severe debates in Europe, but one topic outshines others during the last several months. “Banning the Burka!” Belgium and France initiated the first step and have paved the way for some politicians in other countries (…)

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What about Germany?

"Brandenburger Tor" in the capital of Germany - Berlin (C) by Wolfgang Staudt / flickr
18.11 -

People ask me about Muslims in Germany and want me to describe their situation in the country where I was born and bred in. It’s really difficult to answer those questions. I often don’t know what to say. People in Germany say (…)

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