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Ramadan 2011, at the time of Tunisian Revolution

29.08 -

Do you know Boutbila ? This character that brings many memories back and remains rooted in the Tunisian heritage. A character that almost becomes inseparable from the month of Ramadan! Boutbila, the awakener, with his typical instrument, who brings to (…)

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Tunisia After Revolution

17.08 -

Once off the plane, the pilot announces a humid 42°c temperature. Summer is hot in Tunis.
My first steps on the motherland soil and already a wet breeze lightly caressed my cheek as a welcome. Other passengers trudge off the place, (…)

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Mr President, French Muslims have had enough !

27.04 -

Islamophobic and inappropriate remarks in regards to Muslims in France are no longer found amusing. So, I wrote with all my heart and soul, inspired from Emile Zola’s letter “J’accuse”, my open letter to Mr. President, Nicolas Sarkozy.

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Welcome to the French Republic School

26.03 -

Except that this time, they no longer want them simply to remove their veils. No, no that’s too easy! They tried it already and it does not prevent them from going to school. Guess what? Being good at it, they have to find something else, something more efficient.

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Trip in the heart of Bosnia – When Bosnia whispers to you…

Sarajevo (C) by rejflinger / flickr
07.01 -

One trip, 7 days, 3 religions, 40 guests, all the ingredients for an interesting trip?! Bosnia, Sarajevo: It’s where EYCE (Ecumenical Youth Council in Europe) and FEMYSO (Forum of European Muslim Youth and Student Organizations) have decided to close their (…)

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Death is no longer homeless …

cemetry (C) by PhillipC / flickr
25.11 -

The organisation “Mort sans toi(t)” staged a tribute yesterday afternoon in the square of the common graveyard (La Guillotière, Lyon), in dedication of the homeless who had died between July 2009 to June 2010 alone and on the streets. Once (…)

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Guerlain … a perfume called scandal !

perfume flacon (C) by pausimausi /
19.11 -

“For once, I started working as a negro. I do not know if the Blacks have always worked so hard, but finally I had …” These few words uttered last Friday by Jean-Paul Guerlain on the set of “13h de (…)

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