Our Authors

Ahmed S.


Ahmed is 21 years old. Born in Germany he found himself in between two different cultures - german and tunisian. After finishing the A-level and community service, he is studying "ATC" (Air Traffic Control). His interest on the Web and Media involved him in several projects. Actually he is part of the working group "Eine Menschheit" (One humanity) and founder member of the nationwide german muslim youth magazine called "Cube-Mag". Major interests besides Web and Media are especially culture, religion and language.

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Saida Ounissi


Saida is 23 years old and lives in Paris. She is student in master of political science in La Sorbonne.

Saoussen H.


Born in Tunisia 21 years ago but raised in Switzerland, Saoussen is a muddle of both Arab and European culture. She's studying political sciences and journalism.

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Khaoula Amouri


Khaoula (22) lives in Paris (France). She is a student in Communication - Culture and Media. She also serves on the National executive board of "Jeunes Musulmans de France" Association [Young Muslims of France]. For Khaoula, Journalism is the best job in the world. She would, later, be audiovisual Journalist specializing on issues of conflict / war in the Middle East. Curious and sociable by nature, she enjoys traveling, discovering new traditions, cultures, countries... She also loves writing and reading, her favorite author: Amin Maalouf and her favorite book: Leon l'Africain.

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"We will not be silent, whether you are Christian, whether you are Muslim, or whether you are atheist, you will demand your God damn rights, and we will have our rights, one way or another" an Egyptian revolutionary, January 2011. I am not a statistic, I am not a label and neither are you. A real space for real people to share real views. Enjoy, peace and may God be with you.

Malika Mouhdi


A girl that is mistakenly taken for Malaysian, Indonesian, South African and Somalian but in reality she is a thoroughbred Moroccan. Despite the fact that she is following an international oriented education, she is initially planning to work in the Netherlands. Although she has had the opportunity to visit several places there is still a list of countries that she God Willing wants to see, like Japan. The cause of her intense need to go around the world. Ok, ok, in all honesty, it was Dragonball Z that triggered it. One thing is crystal clear, though, the Netherlands will remain the country where her home is.

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Faisal Mirza


Faisal is 24 years old and is a lifestyle trainer. Born and raised in Den Haag, The Netherlands. He believes that Muslims in Europe have a lot to give is always ready to start giving.

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Amir Dabboussi


Amir Dabboussi lives in Sweden and studies "IT, Project management & Enterprise systems" at Karlstad university. During his first year of high school he joined a political youth organization after listening to a debate between the political parties before the general elections. Presently he is holding a position as chairman of the communal assembly in Karlstad representing the Social Democatic party. He is nationally active in Swedish Muslims for Peace and Justice and Young Muslims of Sweden reaching out with a muslim voice to the society.

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Muna Hassan


I am a community activist and is currently leading a campaign aimed at addressing the mental and social adverse affects surrounding the use of the - drug ‘Khat’, a stimulant consumed in the UK predominately by people from East African backgrounds. . I recently lead a project designed to build community cohesion and raise awareness through Islamic education on issues of violence and extremism, working to break barriers between communities and challenge negative perceptions about Muslims. I Believe WE can only make the difference we are looking for as Muslims, we need to take more of a direct action in dealing with issues that affects us!

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Samir Abdalla


"When you label me, you negate me" (Kierkegaard)

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Rofiqul Islam


Rofiqul Islam is currently undertaking PGCE at Institute of Education, London. He holds a BA in Theology, from King’s College London, and a Masters in Islamic Law and Middle Eastern Politics, from SOAS University of London.

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